Self Liberation.

I wanted to add a short poem from practicing mindfulness practitioner, Bob Sharples, in this post. You will find his words below: "Don’t meditate to fix yourself, to improve yourself, to redeem yourself; rather, do it as an act of love, of deep warm friendship to yourself. In this way there is no longer any need … Continue reading Self Liberation.

The Coffee Connection:

I wanted to feature a true story that happened when I was with my client. It's perfect because it goes right in sync with being "present" with others - similar to my blog theme this week! We were having a coffee and I was showing her how to mindfully enjoy her beverage. The whole session … Continue reading The Coffee Connection:

Your Invitation to Grief Meditation:

Between clients this week, I did not get to post on my usual Wednesday time - sorry for the delay! As promised, this post will introduce grief meditation. I have used this for my clients as a coping mechanism for all stages of grief. My hope is that you find the same peace as you continuously … Continue reading Your Invitation to Grief Meditation:

Positive Assurance Through Depression – A Letter from Me, to You:

Happy Friday, everyone! To end our weekly mindfulness topic of situational depression, I wanted to do something different for this blog post. I wanted to create a sincere letter & reminder for those going through this battle. Like I've explained, I have been there before and the pain is all too familiar. Through mindfulness meditation, … Continue reading Positive Assurance Through Depression – A Letter from Me, to You: