From Jaded to Untethered

Life's journey conceives an inevitable path for human beings to become adrift. Faced with the threat of stagnation, life becomes jaded with upcoming patterns of daily redundancy. We come independently halted to our own journey's standstill; developing an inquisitive zest purely fueled from (past) obscure life choices. The questions spin through our head in anxiety's repetitive waltz; in … Continue reading From Jaded to Untethered

Mindful Monday – Choice and Patience.

Lately, I've been speaking to many of my (new) students about choice and the place it has in our life. The choice to be happy, well and the overall way we conduct our everyday manners. If you think about it, every new day is a chance for new choices. If we are being truly present, then … Continue reading Mindful Monday – Choice and Patience.