Wednesday Wisdom – 10 Mantras for Situational Depression:

As an empath, I wish I could ease the pain of everyone going through a period of situational depression. I know the feeling of heaviness and sadness that shows its face on a daily basis. Like I've previously described, mindfulness is a great coping mechanism for situational depression (see my last blog post for more.) Most … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom – 10 Mantras for Situational Depression:

“SereniTea”on a Wednesday- Everyday Mindfulness

Peace, joy and happiness - this is all possible during the time I drink my tea - Thich Nhat Hanh Going off of our weekly topic of everyday mindfulness, I wanted to introduce you to a quick meditation that cultivates a sense of gratitude amid your morning routine. This meditation is known around the world … Continue reading “SereniTea”on a Wednesday- Everyday Mindfulness

Mindful Monday – Everyday Happiness Through Mindfulness

My own tidbit about finding the beauty of mindfulness in the most mundane, daily tasks.