From Jaded to Untethered

Life's journey conceives an inevitable path for human beings to become adrift. Faced with the threat of stagnation, life becomes jaded with upcoming patterns of daily redundancy. We come independently halted to our own journey's standstill; developing an inquisitive zest purely fueled from (past) obscure life choices. The questions spin through our head in anxiety's repetitive waltz; in … Continue reading From Jaded to Untethered

Mindful Monday – Trust, Accept and Go Within.

Happy Mindful Monday, dear readers. This Mindful Monday post is a bit delayed - my apologies! This week has been hectic, but I'm thrilled to be writing this blog post today. This request came from a dear reader all the way in Singapore (Hi, Amira!). I couldn't be more thrilled that this blog is touching lives all around … Continue reading Mindful Monday – Trust, Accept and Go Within.

Your Invitation to Grief Meditation:

Between clients this week, I did not get to post on my usual Wednesday time - sorry for the delay! As promised, this post will introduce grief meditation. I have used this for my clients as a coping mechanism for all stages of grief. My hope is that you find the same peace as you continuously … Continue reading Your Invitation to Grief Meditation:

Mindful Monday -Undefinable Grief.

{This weeks Karmic Flow Blog Series is an introduction on how to mindfully deal with grief. These posts are meant to mindfully guide you through the grieving process and make you feel at peace with loss. } “Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes … Continue reading Mindful Monday -Undefinable Grief.

Positive Assurance Through Depression – A Letter from Me, to You:

Happy Friday, everyone! To end our weekly mindfulness topic of situational depression, I wanted to do something different for this blog post. I wanted to create a sincere letter & reminder for those going through this battle. Like I've explained, I have been there before and the pain is all too familiar. Through mindfulness meditation, … Continue reading Positive Assurance Through Depression – A Letter from Me, to You: