#MindfulMonday – The Gift of the Present Moment:

Happy #MindfulMonday - Our focus this week is in regards to doing small things to live in the present moment. Going along the lines of single tasking, living in the moment creates a full sense of awareness towards the things in our world. Reflect on your work day: How many times were you distracted by … Continue reading #MindfulMonday – The Gift of the Present Moment:

Your Invitation to Grief Meditation:

Between clients this week, I did not get to post on my usual Wednesday time - sorry for the delay! As promised, this post will introduce grief meditation. I have used this for my clients as a coping mechanism for all stages of grief. My hope is that you find the same peace as you continuously … Continue reading Your Invitation to Grief Meditation:

Mindful Monday -Undefinable Grief.

{This weeks Karmic Flow Blog Series is an introduction on how to mindfully deal with grief. These posts are meant to mindfully guide you through the grieving process and make you feel at peace with loss. } “Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes … Continue reading Mindful Monday -Undefinable Grief.

Mindful Monday – The Poetry of Depression

Happy Monday, readers. I am so grateful you've joined in reading my "Mindful Monday" posts. This post will be short in content tonight. However, I wanted to introduce this weeks mindfulness topic. My posts for the remainder of the week will be focusing primarily on using mindfulness to cope with severe depression.  I wanted to … Continue reading Mindful Monday – The Poetry of Depression

Wednesday Wisdom – 10 Mantras for Situational Depression:

As an empath, I wish I could ease the pain of everyone going through a period of situational depression. I know the feeling of heaviness and sadness that shows its face on a daily basis. Like I've previously described, mindfulness is a great coping mechanism for situational depression (see my last blog post for more.) Most … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom – 10 Mantras for Situational Depression:

Mindful Monday – Everyday Happiness Through Mindfulness

My own tidbit about finding the beauty of mindfulness in the most mundane, daily tasks.