From Jaded to Untethered

Life's journey conceives an inevitable path for human beings to become adrift. Faced with the threat of stagnation, life becomes jaded with upcoming patterns of daily redundancy. We come independently halted to our own journey's standstill; developing an inquisitive zest purely fueled from (past) obscure life choices. The questions spin through our head in anxiety's repetitive waltz; in … Continue reading From Jaded to Untethered

Mindful Monday -Undefinable Grief.

{This weeks Karmic Flow Blog Series is an introduction on how to mindfully deal with grief. These posts are meant to mindfully guide you through the grieving process and make you feel at peace with loss. } “Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes … Continue reading Mindful Monday -Undefinable Grief.

Wednesday Wisdom – 10 Mantras for Situational Depression:

As an empath, I wish I could ease the pain of everyone going through a period of situational depression. I know the feeling of heaviness and sadness that shows its face on a daily basis. Like I've previously described, mindfulness is a great coping mechanism for situational depression (see my last blog post for more.) Most … Continue reading Wednesday Wisdom – 10 Mantras for Situational Depression: