Meet Marissa

Marissa Ranahan is the owner and brainchild behind Karmic Flow. Marissa first discovered meditation at the young age of 12. Since then, she hasn’t thought of looking back.

Now 24, Marissa has accumulated 12 years of experience in the meditation field. She has gone through the Mindfulness Boston Stress Reduction Program, allowing her to lead mindfulness meditation based classes. Her other fields of meditation study include love & kindness, anxiety reduction, and grief. Incorporating all of these concepts, Marissa got the idea of creating Karmic Flow to help others with combining meditation and healing into one concept. 

Marissa’s teachings and practices have given her the reputation of a cultured globetrotter. In October, Marissa started a yoga/meditation workshop for Syrian refugees in the Akkar District of Lebanon. She also jetted off to Istanbul, Turkey where she studied under Sufi masters to learn their ways of love and meditation. Marissa has spoken at wellness seminars, college classrooms and around the globe as a meditation teacher. Her visible humanitarian spirit and love for meditation are apparent in her healing techniques.