Public Speaking


Marissa of Karmic flow made one of the best speeches to my students regarding meditation. Her expanding knowledge and zest for meditation & life made it ever so pleasing. My students were engaged and this is something I would love to do for my faculty.

-Doctor Xi

Where do you conduct your mindfulness speeches and workshops? 

Karmic Flow offers public speaking seminars and workshops available upon request. These speeches include topics regarding mindfulness and health. The topics range from emotional wellbeing and meditation, inspiration and incorporating mindfulness throughout our daily life. Karmic Flow has spoken at yoga studios, classrooms and colleges. If interested, please reach out via the “Contact” page.

What can I expect from a Karmic Flow workshop? 

Karmic Flow workshops are specifically designed to cater towards speaking along the topic of mindfulness meditation. These workshops teach the basics of mindfulness and how to use these methods to help combat negative emotions. Based on the emotional topic, Karmic Flow will adjust their meditation workshops so they are effective and relaxing for all participants involved.

How much do you charge per speech/workshop?

Pricing varies based on speech and workshop. The best way to get an estimate for pricing is through reaching out to use via our “Contact” page. We will get back to you as quick as possible.