Mindful Monday – How Can I Make You Feel Your Best?

Happy Mindful Monday, dear readers!

This weeks mindfulness topic circles around: how do I make others feel their best?

I am sure you’ve heard of the popular quote; “How you make others feel says a lot about you.” I believe this statement holds a large amount of truth. Everyone is guilty of pushing their insecurities onto others. Research says it is common to notice our insecurities (in another) at the first initial  interaction. In hindsight, if you are extremely self conscious about your weight, then your immediate observation (usually) takes to the other person’s body shape. While this is not true for everyone, it is a regular human occurrence.

In frequent conversations, we can subconsciously mirror our insecurities through speech. This involves bringing up new diets, commenting on certain features aiming to be “changed” and endless amounts of small “body shaming” criticism. We fail to forgot that our topics of speech can trigger negative emotions for our company. We are not aware of the power of words until they are spoken.

What if we turned our criticism to caring? 

 More frequently, I have been making the commitment to mindfully make others feel good. One of the easiest ways is by giving out compliments. However, I do not freely give compliments just for the sake of being nice. Every compliment expressed is a genuine thought spoken from the heart. Mindfulness is about acknowledging our current feelings in the present moment. If someone is dressed nicely during the day, I will smile and point out their outfit. I have done this with strangers in my favorite coffee shops. As humans, our intuition tells us when compliments are genuine over being told something fake. There is nothing more priceless than an unexpected smile.

Mindfulness highlights seeing the best in others – both physically and mentally. When meeting someone for the first time, try to push your mind from criticism to caring. If they have a very eccentric style opposite of your taste, try finding something positive within their aura. Look at them as your fellow brother/sister on this earth. Look at their eyes, listen to their voice or notice their hair color. The best part about being human is housing our own unique beauty.

The benefits of helping others feel their best works both ways. The more you notice good things in others, the more you’ll notice good things within yourself (and vice versa.) Our own beauty/thoughts about ourselves are constantly projected to the outer world. Choose to feel beautiful and make others feel beautiful with you. 

How do you plan on making others feel their best?




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