Mindful Monday – Trust, Accept and Go Within.

Happy Mindful Monday, dear readers. This Mindful Monday post is a bit delayed – my apologies! This week has been hectic, but I’m thrilled to be writing this blog post today.

This request came from a dear reader all the way in Singapore (Hi, Amira!). I couldn’t be more thrilled that this blog is touching lives all around the world. For that, I am forever grateful.

Amira requested a post about acceptance. I wanted to focus this post on the acceptance of life events. Now, I speak about this often, but life is not linear. Regardless of trying to keep a continuous positive thought pattern, there will be times where depression/sadness take place. These moments are difficult and we can acknowledge that they are challenging. When things get overbearing, how do we accept that some things are beyond our control?

In mindfulness, we are taught about the art of surrendering and letting things be. Trying to control events beyond our power create a duality of stress and anxiety. If we try to live presently in the moment, we must accept things as they come. Of course, this is easier said than done when you’re being challenged. However, life gives us wonderful coping mechanisms during these periods.

My mindful advice is to encompass all emotions. I want you to cry. I want you to laugh. I want you to be angry. Mindfulness is awareness in action. Nobody knows how to cope with your life events better than yourself. Trust yourself and your actions. Most importantly, do not let the opinions of others influence your emotions. You are the only one walking in your own shoes. Others are merely observers from the outside. When you have the power to look within, you have the power of the world.

And as always, remember to breathe.

How do you look within when things become difficult? What does “present acceptance”  mean to you?

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