Mindful Monday – A Karmic Flow Student’s Perspective on Mindfulness

For this Mindful Monday segment, I wanted to spotlight my brilliant student, Katrina. Katrina has been working with me for almost two months and is currently battling anorexia nervosa. Through this interview, Katrina highlights how mindfulness has helped her navigate through an eating disorder and how using “choice mindfulness” helps her in the recovery journey:


Hi Katrina! Tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

 Hi guys! My name is Katrina and I am currently a freshman in college studying English. I’m extremely shy and have been described as an introvert, haha. I really enjoy trying new types of coffee and coming up with plant based recipes. I also enjoy traveling with my family to California during the summer months. I’m quite boring so sorry if it’s short!


How long have you been battling anorexia nervosa?

 I have been going through this since I was 13, so close to 7 years as of this summer. Basically, way too long.


What is the hardest thing about recovery?

 The gaining weight – it feels so shameful but yet you know you need it to be healthy. It’s a paradox of good and bad… If you’ve never been through it, it feels like your very existence is crashing down on you.


How has mindfulness aided in your recovery process?

 Marissa has been great while I have been trying to recover. I really am so glad I discovered mindfulness and mindful eating. As you can imagine, I have HUGE anxiety around food – but Marissa’s teachings with mindful eating have helped as a great addition to my treatment! I even ate a full meal for the first time in almost a year without having an emotional breakdown following. Karmic Flow is one of the best things that’s happened to me.


What does choice mindfulness mean to you?

 Choice mindfulness means choosing to be mindful everyday regardless of my depression. Everyday, I try to make a little choice of being mindful, whether that’s sipping my coffee or meditating with Marissa for 5 minutes, every bit helps. It helps me live more presently and free of anxiety for a little bit – which is almost my constant daily life…


Has mindfulness helped with setting recovery goals for yourself?

 Living presently has helped me realize that there’s no time better than the “now.” Meaning – if I want to recover, I have to start today – and I have! Of course, little by little, day by day. It’s an everyday thing, but I can definitely always make a goal in the moment to choose recovery.

What is something you want to say to someone else suffering from anorexia? 

Keep pushing, everyday. We deserve a life that isn’t dictated by weight. Keep praying for the best – and like Marissa says, be mindful and embrace the journey 🙂 it helps!











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