Mindful Monday – Choice and Patience.

Lately, I’ve been speaking to many of my (new) students about choice and the place it has in our life. The choice to be happy, well and the overall way we conduct our everyday manners.

If you think about it, every new day is a chance for new choices. If we are being truly present, then we have the ability to start over everyday. If we make a choice to change, then we are setting ourselves up for a positive path. If we make a choice to be more mindful, then we are setting ourselves up to be more present, etc. I have noticed when people make a CHOICE to change their lives they immediately expect results. We tend to overlook that with choice comes patience – sometimes a great deal more than others.

Mindfulness is a practice of choice and patience. To lead a mindful life, we have to consciously make the choice to be more present. It is not an easy road for those who have been living in the past or future as a regular mindset. To change this mindset requires a great deal of discipline and patience.  Over time, the benefit is that this new mindset will be effortless.

I always tell my students that mindfulness starts with where you are – living in the now. If you want to be more mindful, make the choice to thrive in the moment. Take a deep breath and just be. And if it doesn’t happen today, we have a choice to make it happen tomorrow. It’s all about being gentle with your thoughts.

How do you make choices to be more mindful?



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