The Stagnation Solution.

Happy Friday, readers!

I wanted to make a quick weekend checklist on ways you can mindfully avoid stagnation. It is perfectly normal to suffer from bouts of stagnation when hitting a low. If you need a quick and “mindfulness fix”, I have the solution. Follow the simple steps to get yourself out of feeling temporarily “stuck.”

  1. Meditate on Your Goals:

Take 5 minutes out of your day to sit in a quiet space. Shift your focus onto your breath and ask yourself; “What do I need today? How can I help myself? How can I feel proactive in the now?” Sometimes being silent with yourself will put you back on the right track. When we ask ourselves questions, we are more likely to be honest with ourselves. Allow yourself to simply “be” and let the answers come forward. Be kind with yourself and validate your feelings. Self love and kindness is all about mindfulness!


2. Breathes of Fresh Air:

Take a 10-15 minute walk when you are feeling stuck. Wellness involves movement and walking is a gentle exercise. As you are walking, use this similar practice as described above in mindfulness meditation. Walking clears the mind and refocuses our thoughts. Make sure your breathes are steady and you’re breathing in deeply. Being connected to your mind, body and soul is an essential wellness pair.


3. Quick Checklist:

I don’t know about you, but from the time I was a child I was always a list person! I love writing things down because it shows thoughts being put into action. Listing is a wonderful tool to help with stagnation. To create a “mindful” list, write down 3 things you can praise yourself for. Even if they sound silly, remember, this is how you’re currently feeling. They can range from basic to very detail oriented. Stagnation delights in constant negativity – and by doing this, you’re allowing yourself to spiral up.


How are you mindful of yourself during stagnation?


Onward, Always –


Marissa Ranahan – Owner and Meditation Teacher at Karmic Flow

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