Mindful Monday – The Process of Growing

Happy Monday!

I wanted to speak a little bit about mindfulness and the growing process.

Growth happens in all areas of our life. I am not talking in the physical sense, but mentally growing through life. I have realized that our greatest periods of growth stem from difficult challenges. Life itself is challenging. Everyone will face their own  obstacles in a variety of ways. These obstacles will range from minimal to overbearing. In the overbearing moments, mindfulness is a wonderful tool to use mentally.

Mindfulness puts times of challenge into perspective. The concepts of mindfulness tell us to treat the moment as our only reality. In hardships, people alter their current attention. The attention can be brought to the past, the future or be used as an avoidance tool. To grow, the focus needs to be shaped into our “now” reality.

If we look at challenges as a growing process, they will become easier to navigate. Think back on some of the hardships you have faced recently. How did you grow from them? What lessons did you learn? Did the challenge teach you something you can apply in the future? Mindfulness teaches as to see the positive side of progress.

To cultivate a “growth mindfulness” mind, it starts in simple baby steps. The beginning always starts with your path to progress. If you are progressing positively into each day, it deserves celebration. Mindfully acknowledge your process.  Celebrate the small victories. In mindfulness, small steps can lead to greater things. You are greater than whatever challenges you face. Looking at the world from this angle will lessons your burdens over time.

How do you plan your progress mindfully?


Onward, Always –


Marissa Ranahan, Owner of Karmic Flow

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