Mindful Monday: Grateful for Gratitude.

Gratitude is my favorite topic of mindfulness for so, so many reasons. Gratitude is a VERY important component in my life. I learned how to use a gratitude journal three years ago, and from there, never looked back. I have my pile of gratitude journals close to my nightstand to provide nightly bedtime inspiration. Some of the covers sprinkled with decor, taken from various countries or just the mundane color of a Moleskine. To me, they all represent a different phase of my life and something endlessly beautiful. It’s always a joy to look back on what you’re grateful for in the past and how that has shaped your life in the moment!

Gratitude and mindfulness are life partners; each one complimenting the present moment in a beautiful way. Gratitude recognizes blessings in the current moment, keeping you mindful of the little things overlooked during everyday living. We need a reminder of the small joys in life; and gratitude is the perfect remedy.

My best piece of advice for starting your gratitude journey is to start small. Take yourself into a cute bookshop by your home. Whatever journal speaks to you, make it your own. Start with writing 2-3 things every morning that spark gratitude. You’ll be able to see just how abundant your life can be. Gratitude is gifted in shifting your mindset from lack to abundance. 

Try this mindfulness exercise: write down 10 things you’re grateful for during your everyday life. How often are they overlooked? Was this the first time you’re recognizing them? Doing this will bring a sense of awareness to your actions. It will also be a good gateway into starting a gratitude journal!


Onward, Always –


Marissa Ranahan – Owner and Meditation Teacher at Karmic Flow



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