The Coffee Connection:

I wanted to feature a true story that happened when I was with my client. It’s perfect because it goes right in sync with being “present” with others – similar to my blog theme this week!

We were having a coffee and I was showing her how to mindfully enjoy her beverage. The whole session was full of mindful sips and eager chatter. Both of us had our phones away (I implement this rule during ALL my meditation sessions.) Completely engaged, we both were listening to one another and observing our expressions. At one point, my client exclaimed; “It’s so funny! When you’re super passionate, your right hand always swings out to the right when you’re speaking!” We both started laughing. She took a sudden pause to think. I asked her what crossed her mind; judging by her sudden facial shift. She told she got a little sad.

When I inquired more, she said; “Well, I feel like when I’m with you, I’m obviously more present – but I’ve been missing out on all the quirks and facial expressions my friends make in conversation. I can’t even image how much I’ve missed since I’m so occupied with my phone, you know?”

This sparks another conversation about how the greatest gift we can really give another is being 100% there with them. Humans rely on being social. We feel their emotions and responses in real time when they’re engaged with us. Even simple conversation over sips of coffee can give another a good taste of human intimacy. Regardless, that mindfulness session left us full of coffee and connection – something even sweeter than our added sugar.

How were you mindfully engaged today?


Onward, Always –


Marissa Ranahan – Owner of Karmic Flow

2 thoughts on “The Coffee Connection:

  1. I think a lot of bad performance and bad habits including excessive eating and drinking come from being used to doing things automatically rather than mindfully.. being fully present with others or even one’s self is really hard, whether living in a technology rich environemnt, being constantly distracted by cellphones, Internet etc, or our obsession with working towards a future goal or a fuure version of our selves while ignoring living fully in the present. Teaching Mindfulness techiniques seems to be popular only with regards to meditation and yoga. It would be both interesting and beneficial to seeing it expand and customized to normal daily activitis.
    Have a nice weekend !


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