#MindfulMonday – The Gift of the Present Moment:

Happy #MindfulMonday –

Our focus this week is in regards to doing small things to live in the present moment. Going along the lines of single tasking, living in the moment creates a full sense of awareness towards the things in our world.

Reflect on your work day: How many times were you distracted by things around you? How many times did you glance at your phone whilst in mid-conversation? Did you multitask and only put 50% into your work tasks? How did all of this make you feel?

Your “mindfulness” challenge for tomorrow is to give at least ONE thing – person, task, conversation – your full attention sans distractions. In that moment, see how you feel. Once we practice awareness in small steps – we create the building blocks for a more mindful life.

And don’t forget to comment below on how you lived mindfully/what you’re struggling with! I would love to hear about your challenges and pathway towards mindfulness.

Onward, Always –


Marissa Ranahan – Owner of Karmic Flow

7 thoughts on “#MindfulMonday – The Gift of the Present Moment:

  1. I’m always distracted by my phone – it’s so hard because of all the notifs/social media we have. I will definitely be trying this out tomorrow to see if I can “airplane my phone” during a lunch meeting -thx!

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      1. When I wake up I do 10 mins of guided meditation with the App Headspace, I also use the gym as a way to meditate with my eyes open since you focus a lot on your breath. πŸ™‚ Tell me more about your “routines”!

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  2. I feel like I could definitely be more mindful when I’m at the cafe with friends – we are always on our phone and we aren’t really in conversation with one another. Maybe I will also try putting my phone on airplane mode and simply listening!

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