Your Invitation to Grief Meditation:

Between clients this week, I did not get to post on my usual Wednesday time – sorry for the delay!

As promised, this post will introduce grief meditation. I have used this for my clients as a coping mechanism for all stages of grief. My hope is that you find the same peace as you continuously open your heart to grief’s vulnerability. As stated in my last post, grief does not have a time limit. Be gentle with yourself and the process.

Steps to ease you into your grief meditation: 

The first step towards grief meditation is finding a comfortable spot to sit alone in. If you’re nervous about this, you can even do it with a friend. Having a good support system is essential during the grieving process.

Once you find yourself alone, begin to bring your awareness to your breath. Keep your breath at a steady pace. Again, make sure you are comfortable with your breathing pattern. This meditation is centered around you and your healing.

During your breathing process, bring to mind the feeling of your grief. Tell yourself to embrace whatever feelings arise – good and bad. Honesty with yourself is a large part of meditation.

Breathe through all the emotions; the anger, the pain, the sorrow. They are all part of your healing process. Most importantly, allow for kindness in the space of sadness. Show yourself body kindness during a time of mourning.

You will find this simple mindfulness meditation to be healing. The first time might make you uneasy with your emotions. Mindfulness allows us to be aware of all of our feelings; the negative and positive. In order to heal, it’s essential to put yourself into the now. Grief is a lengthy process, but the mindfulness we show each other today puts us in the direction towards healing tomorrow.


Onward, Always.


Marissa Ranahan – Owner of Karmic Flow

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