Mindful Monday -Undefinable Grief.

{This weeks Karmic Flow Blog Series is an introduction on how to mindfully deal with grief. These posts are meant to mindfully guide you through the grieving process and make you feel at peace with loss. }

“Grief is like the ocean; it comes on waves ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, and sometimes it is overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.”

 In the language of the heart, grief is the body’s natural reaction of loss.For many, grief is an undefinable feeling. To put a definition to grief is like painting a portrait of an unillustrated sadness. For every person, grief is a unique and overwhelming journey.

The truth is; it takes a great deal of courage to grieve. Choosing to grieve is choosing to honor the pain we carry. We walk hand in hand with the heart’s innermost shadows of vulnerability. We are introduced to pain, hopelessness, depression and empathy in one sitting. Our heart walks gently through these emotions and eases our way into healing. To allow grief into our life is to allow the healing process to begin.

My meditation clients have asked me; “Marissa, I just don’t know how to heal from this grief, the pain is too deep. I need help. How can I?”

My response to them is just one word; allow. 

You must allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise during your grieving period. Honor your tears, your heart break and the sadness of a loss. There is no time limit to grieving, so be gentle with yourself on a daily basis. Honor the person who added joy to your life and equally honor/recognize that their human journey has come to an end. Once we recognize our own grieving process, we become aware of being comfortable with our own vulnerability. You do not have to keep your grief held inside. You can openly cry. You can ask to be held. You need to allow yourself to grieve in YOUR best way possible. When words fail, let the language of your heart be your comfort.

Before introducing the meditation for Wednesday, I wanted to write this little post to make you feel comfortable with your grief. It’s always important to acknowledge our pain during times of loss. As hopeless as grief can feel, it is always followed by a beautiful, new wisdom. Our gained wisdom is forever timeless; carrying us through trials for decades to come.


A final thought before ending this post – I tell my meditation students this whenever they are trying to cope: Some people never get to experience love, yet you had the privilege of loving someone so much it absolutely broke your heart to see them go. This type of love is rare and you received it while during your time on earth. How beautiful is true love in this form? 


Onward, Always –

Marissa Ranahan – Owner of Karmic Flow




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