Mindfulness in Motion- 3 Ways to Reduce Your Depression Symptoms:

** cover photo courtesy of Chiara Sicuro **

Mindfulness is a perfect tool in reducing your depression symptoms. From the time of implementation, the benefits from mindfulness practices are seen within the first couple of weeks. As I’ve spoke about prior, mindfulness is a great addition to any medical related therapy. Mindfulness shifts the mind with ease to focus on the current moment. Giving the patient an inner focuses starts with reducing depression’s minor symptoms. In retrospect, most cases of depression come from past unhealed wounds. The best part of mindfulness is healing is available to you in the present moment.

Below is a closer look at the 3 ways mindfulness actively reduces depression:

Being Present in Your Speech

Mindfulness gives us insight into our actions. Instead of responding with an emotional reaction, mindfulness gives us reason to pause, reflect and think critically. Learning to pause before responding allows for time to think logically instead of emotionally. When we learn to recognize sudden emotions, we become smarter in our communication. This is done through a newly developed awareness. Over weeks of practice, this will become easier and easier.

*Try this – Next time someone makes you upset during an argument, before responding emotionally, take a moment to pause and think as if your emotions were not influencing your speech. How would you respond in a calmer demeanor? 

Being Present with Others:

Being present with others is a key factor in developing deeper relationships. Through being present, we are constantly learning to relate to others in new ways. We may notice a unique pattern of eye movement or their emotions in the midst of discussion. In our digital age, it is important to learn to be present without technology. Being present without technology allows for the creation of more meaningful conversations – all going along the lines of mindfulness.

*Try this – Next time you’re meeting with a friend, put a way your phone for a whole conversation. Notice their eyes, emotions and gestures as they speak. Try to recognize something new to bring to your awareness.

Being Honest with Yourself:

Being honest with yourself starts from looking deep within. How many times have you agreed to something under pressure? Or put the needs of others before your own? Of course this is acceptable occasionally but not on a regular basis. Learning to recognize what makes you comfortable & uncomfortable is the first step in self honesty. When we learn to say “no” to things that do not appeal to us, we show ourselves a new type of self care. Taking care of ourselves and our emotions is mindful awareness in motion.

*Try This – When you’re faced with a decision of doing something uncomfortable, respond with a 100% honest response. Think about mindfully putting yourself first and letting go of worry. This type of practice will also work wonders in reducing anxiety.

How can you be more mindful outside of meditation this week?

Onward, Always –

Marissa Ranahan – Owner of Karmic Flow

3 thoughts on “Mindfulness in Motion- 3 Ways to Reduce Your Depression Symptoms:

  1. I like this post! I can back your points because I personally dealt with depression and all those “techniques” helped me a lot. I usually refer to being present with others as meditation with your eyes open 🙂
    Thanks for the share!

    Liked by 1 person

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