Mindful Monday – Solace and Situational Depression:

“Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.” — Madeleine L’Engle

If you’ve ever experienced deep sadness, your heart will relate to these words below;

Our vision feels foggy. We wake up with the burden of sadness resting on our chest, eager to greet us in early waking hours. We walk through our day choking back tears and forcing a smile to upkeep a facade of “balance” by those we cross paths with. We want to be comforted, to feel loved –  but the absence of love is so, so prominent in our minds. At heart, we feel we have reached the peak of loneliness. It’s a constant burden and a new battle everyday. And even when we say goodnight to the day, we know sadness has already set its alarm for tomorrow.

This is the reality of having situational depression.

Situational depression is short term depression triggered by detrimental events. These events can be traumatic or caused by a number of overwhelming change/changes in a short time period. Often overbearing, situational depression becomes heavier over passing weeks. At times you will feel trapped, that is inevitable. The good thing about mindfulness is we are never  fully trapped in our emotions. Mindfulness gives us clarity in recognizing each moment as ever changing, so feeling stuck is not our reality. If situational depression has shifted your mind, I want you to remember your feelings are always validated. You know, my favorite part of mindfulness is practicing validating and accepting your feelings. Why? Feelings are not random and almost always, always happen for a reason.

In mindfulness, we say feelings should be your friend. When we sit in meditation and look inside ourselves, we bring awareness to our feelings in the present moment. Recognizing the presence of sadness, despair and hurt are vital steps towards self healing. Feelings are easier to face when we are honest with ourselves. Giving yourself the clarity you deserve is freeing.

If you’re stuck in a fog, I have a method for you involving mindfulness:

In your meditation, I want you to sit with your sadness. I want you to greet your sadness like an old friend. I want you to laugh together. I want you to cry together. I want you to express to your sadness through this mantra; ” I am at peace with you, and I will take you as you come.” How POWERFUL is it to sit and be at peace with the source of your pain? How freeing is it to make friends with something you considered fearful?

My favorite quote by Rumi tells us “the cure for pain is in the pain” which coincides with so many elements of self healing/mindfulness. Maybe if you know your pain in the moment, he will reveal his healing to you.

-Marissa Ranahan, owner of Karmic Flow.

7 thoughts on “Mindful Monday – Solace and Situational Depression:

  1. Look at all the good you’re doing and now you’re making a difference! Create your own story and continue helping others! Came across your blog and love it. Blessing for the future.


  2. I think it’s so important to talk about depression, especially situational depression which is often “taboo” for a lot of people! I love how you related your sadness to being a friend. I look forward to checking in and reading more!


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