“SereniTea”on a Wednesday- Everyday Mindfulness

Peace, joy and happiness – this is all possible during the time I drink my tea – Thich Nhat Hanh

Going off of our weekly topic of everyday mindfulness, I wanted to introduce you to a quick meditation that cultivates a sense of gratitude amid your morning routine. This meditation is known around the world as “tea meditation.” Tea meditation incorporates simple actions of mindfulness awareness into your day. This can be done at work, in the morning or whenever time you gravitate towards wanting tea. And for the coffee lovers, don’t fret, this can also be done with coffee too! I love this because it actively compliments my own mindfulness practice.

Tea meditation one of my favorite morning habits. Being a morning person, it really puts my daily focus into perspective. To me,  the joy of living in the moment is the true essence of the mindfulness practice. Through my sips, I can enjoy all of this with the help of my favorite beverage!

If you’re new to this practice, I am going to outline the steps to having a successful tea meditation. It’s a beautiful chance to try something new, so I would actively encourage you to try it tomorrow morning:

Making the Tea:

Prepare your tea with your favorite flavor.I am personally
a fan of green tea, as it gives me a good kickstart to my day. 
Also, put away all distraction during your tea making process. 
It doesn't matter how it's made, it only matters 
that your awareness is in the moment. Become aware of the 
aroma and the heat being poured into your cup. Through 
this first step, you're already on your way to being mindful. 

Gratitude Before Sips:

In retrospect, there's a plethora of reasons to 
express gratitude during this simple, everyday process. 
Think about those around us who don't have the benefit 
of enjoying tea or clean water. Think about those who don't 
have the budget for buying their favorites types of tea. 
In essence, we are the lucky ones. 
Having all of this in one cup is truly a small miracle.


The time has come to enjoy your tea. 
Sit in one of your favorite places that's comfortable. 
If you're at work, make your office chair as comfortable as 
possible. Sip slowly and bring your awareness to the tea. 
You should always be taking your time during this process. 
Savor and delight in every mouthful, 
as every bit of this is a new experience. 

End with Thankfulness:

It's important to end your practice with gratitude. 
When you feel satisfied express gratitude for 
the tea/meditation together. Ending any meditation 
with gratitude is key to completing the process. It
put the whole meditation into a genuine focus. 

Whenever you take your next sip of tea, try replacing the sugar with a spoonful of mindfulness. You may just create a lovely morning routine.

-Marissa Ranahan, Owner of Karmic Flow

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