Mindful Monday – Everyday Happiness Through Mindfulness

Happy Monday!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the day-to-day happiness we encounter in our lives. I am a strong believer that happiness looks different to everybody. I also believe people genuinely take the little things life gives us for granted.When we fail to see the beauty in the little things, we are missing out on a great way to find uncommon pieces of joy. Our life experiences are vast and ever changing – giving us the contingency to find happiness in different ways. Mindfulness plays into this because the practice itself always puts us into the current moment.  If you learn to live mindfully, even for a few moments in your day, your main focus will start to shift. It’s amazing how daily tasks can bring us happiness – simply making a choice to be completely present.

Here is a quote that exemplifies my point:

We never notice the beauty around us because we are too busy trying to create it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be happy effortlessly, without having the desire to look for something to create our happiness?

Here is a personal tidbit from my own observations –

The other day, I was walking around the beautiful pond by my home. I do this almost daily, so  it’s commonly a prosaic task. Halfway into this, I decided to slow down  and incorporate mindfulness into my walk. I started with noticing my breath and its movement. Noticing my breath took my focus to the cold air coming in and out of my lungs. Noticing this cold air then shifted my focus to the clean air I was lucky enough to be breathing. Almost immediately, I felt a small moment of happiness by simply being thankful for my breath. In retrospect, this moment caused a chain reaction of gratitude. I opened my eyes and just admired everything in my line of vision. Then, I thought of this comparison, relating to my quote from above; –Instead of being the artist, what if you could be the admirer of the art? 

That morning, I took a vow to be an admirer of the moment.

The pond had a beautiful frost covering the layer of the water, laying effortlessly still through winter’s unpredictable wind patterns. The water had a deep, blue reflection illuminated by these magnificent speckles of sunlight. Everything was beautiful, everything was calm and everything was happening in the “now.” A silent wave of tranquility and gratitude became present. I was grateful for my eyes witnessing this everyday scene of serenity. I was grateful for my breath and the calmness it creates from within. Through the lenses of everyday beauty, I felt whole and in the moment. It’s truly something to be immersed in gratitude stemming from the simplest daily scenes. It’s something that makes you feel alive and true to the moment.

If you want to practice everyday mindfulness, it’s easier than you think:

Find yourself doing a daily task – whether it’s making tea, cleaning the house or going to work. Absorb yourself 100% in whatever you’re doing. Notice your breath and the way it moves when you shift positions. Notice the beautiful things people around you say in conversation. Allow yourself to embrace the warmness of your mug with soft hands. Choose to be blissful during the most mundane, repetitive tasks. Being in harmony with the moment and happiness is a choice we all make. In a harmonious balance, you have chosen to create your path towards mindful living.

How can you create everyday happiness through mindfulness? Comment below and let me here your thoughts.

xx – Marissa Ranahan – Owner of Karmic Flow


8 thoughts on “Mindful Monday – Everyday Happiness Through Mindfulness

  1. Speaking from experience, mainly during workouts, following these simple mindfulness techniques truly helps transform the otherwise boring and tiring daily activities into healing experiences that our bodies and minds can benefit from.


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