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Meditation plays a key role in healing the lives of others, especially those suffering with emotional disorders. Let us help you heal your mind and delight in the calmness of your breath. A whole new meditation experience is right at your disposal. Join our movement to mold a healthy mind: 

I am so drawn to Marissa and everything that Karmic Flow has to offer. This service is the perfect fit for me. I wanted to incorporate something else into my lifestyle for more positive thinking. Through Marissa’s meditations she created through Karmic Flow, her meditation design for positive thinking is something I can implement into my daily life. I will be coming back to her on a weekly basis. Karmic Flow is just what I need!


Being an international student, I had a lot of depression coming to the United States. I needed some love and kindness into my life. That’s when I discovered Karmic Flow and Marissa. If you want someone who’s genuine and authentic, Marissa is your person. Amazing, Amazing, Amazing experience. Her meditation classes and wellness talks made me the person I am today. She created balance in my life when I was lost. I have no doubt Karmic Flow can do that for you. Rarely do you come across a service who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of others. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have meditation in their lives and something to help combat mental illness. I would recommend Marissa in a heartbeat.


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